Thursday, January 31, 2008

Added to the sidebar.

A few people that I've been reading regularly lately have been added to my sidebar. Also someone I've been reading for a few years and thought he was already there and just realized this morning that he's not. So check out Mike Sterling, Kristina Wright, Jeremy Edwards, Redhead Fangirl and Sam Costello's fantastic webcomic "Split Lip".

Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's Done!

Recycled Paper Greetings - DONE 01.18.08
Text for "Evie Says" - DONE 01.25.08


Sunday, January 20, 2008

I shall be productive!

Recycled Paper Greetings:
finish editing samples, have them printed & shipped out no later than Jan. 18th.

The book I am writing about Evie (my next door neighbor’s 2 year old):
text finished by Jan. 26th.
art finished by Mar. 1st.
gift printing finished by Mar. 15th. (save copy for agent search sample)

Agent Search:
5 new samples by Apr. 19th.
1/2 hour active search (M-F) beginning Apr. 26th.

I am hoping to still post a here from time to time, but I can't promise. I really love the feeling of finishing a project...need to do more of it.

Sam being more and more active has made me realize that I need to be LESS flexible about my writing. I’ve been too flexible, and have rescheduled and rescheduled writing until I have run out of time in the day. That has to change.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Eulogy for a Handbag

A little over three years ago I was invited to a designer knockoff party by a woman I worked with. I’m not typically a designer junkie, but I saw a purple number that I fell in love with. At $75. I bought it.


I took this bag all over. So many pockets...I could fit a notebook, my wallet, cell phone, plastic bag of first aid stuff, a snack, small bottle of water, and a spare diaper in it. People raved about its style and color. One woman actually said “ guys must be doing great!”. She thought it was authentic.


Last night, however, I placed the bag on my lap, and a loose wire almost tore my jeans. I sighed, and said I may have to cut around the pleather piping to remove the rest of the wire. My husband pointed out that it was wearing out on the bottom as well, and maybe it was time for a new bag.


So my gorgeous purple friend was replaced my a hot little scarlet number. Not a designer knockoff, but a genuine leather bag bought at Macy’s on sale. At $58 dollars, it was less expensive, but I wasn’t paying for a plagiarized name, and it’s a higher quality.


Still. I felt sad disposing of my knockoff. People recognized me because if it, and it carried my necessities. Only a thing, but it felt like an appendage.

Rest in peace, Purple M*** J***** Handbag.