Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I wish I could say that I have only one true love...

but that would be a lie. There is another. Boston Creme Donut.

Oh, how I love its glazed chocolate goodness, its custard filling. My tongue extends, my eyes close, I taste, I savor, I adore.
It is not good for me, though, and if I want to fit into my leather pants again, I have to end this affair.

This morning, I was running errands with my son, and I realized that I had almost a dollar in dimes, pennies, and a few quarters in the cup holder of my car. I felt the pull. Suddenly I was hungry, and the Dunkin Donuts, my motel of choice, was calling to me. I turned right, heading towards it's parking lot. When I was stopped at a stoplight, the only stoplight between me and momentary sensual bliss, the fifth song on Toby Lightman's cd came on.

"Looks like the choice is mine,
So where do I want to be?"

Is this really what I want? Fleeting pleasure, feeding an unhealthy desire that will only ruin my relationship with my leather pants?

It's just this one time.

How many times in the last seven days? Two? Three?

I eat so healthy most of the time, I can allow myself this.

It's adding up, how long before you go every day, and no longer eat your healthy breakfast?

But...but...I loooooooooooove it!

If it's worth it to you, Thunder Thighs, go ahead. Don't cry when you have diabetes.


The light turned green, and instead of going straight ahead, I made a U turn. Headed home. No Boston Creme. Not today. A step in the right direction.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

WHAT Mommy Wars? ( a rant)

Newsweek ran a piece this week that I liked a lot.

Go read it, then come back to me.


So here's my opinion. I think the "Mommy Wars" were fabricated by marketing guys to sell books about the "Mommy Wars". Of the mothers that I know, none of them...not a single one cares if I wear a dress and lipstick when I take my son to the library or if I go in sweats and a baseball cap. All of the mothers I know who have careers think it's cool that I'm home during the day. I think it's great that they have a career that fulfills them, and can support their family. I know mothers who let their kids watch more TV than mine, and mothers who don't let their kids watch TV at all. I buy organic milk for my son. I like the way it tastes, and it's cheaper because we live near a dairy farm. The lady next door who does not buy organic milk and lets her kids drink juice that probably contains sugar has perfectly healthy kids and she's a fantastic mom. Guess what, folks...she thinks I'm great, too!

This thinking that there are factions of us who label someone with a Cole Haan diaper bag as snobby, or don't like the woman who wears "Mom" jeans from Wal-Mart is total bullshit.

The idea that every Work Out Of The House mother is jealous of the Stay At Homes' time with her kids, and the Stay At Homes are jealous of the Work Out Of The House's increased income and different sense of identity is ridiculous.

Love your kids. Mind your own damn business and for God's sake, don't buy stupid books.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Random 8

Mella said it best. It is a perfect way for a writer who feels like procrastinating. Also, it makes you feel better as a blogger: Hey, I posted today!

1. I am allergic to cilantro and I love Mexican food.

2. My sixth wedding anniversary is Saturday!

3. I am seriously freaked out by the Precious Moments children.

4. I cannot walk by crooked vertical blinds without straightening them. If I am in a room with crooked vertical blinds, I can't concentrate on anything else. I have tried to solve this by removing them in my apartment, except in rooms where they are drawn almost all the time (bedroom).

5. I have been in 4 weddings. I was in my cousin's when I was 4. My own. I was matron of honor when my best girlfriend got married, and I was a brides matron in my ex-boyfriend's wedding. His girlfriend (now wife) caught the bouquet at my wedding.

6. I would rather scrub a bathroom from top to bottom than wash a sink full of dishes.

7. It pisses me off that people are calling Britney Spears fat. There's so much material for tabloid fodder there...the two "marriages", the rehab, the clubbing, the fact that her two kids may actually be better off living with Kevin Federline. Why call her fat because, what is she, a size 12 now? So she's the average size of an American woman, and thinner than average for a woman who's had 2 kids. For crying out loud, people, she attacked a car with an umbrella and "she's fat" is all you can say? That's such a lack of creativity (as well as being untrue and mean)!

8. I have a desperate crush on Alan Rickman. Also Kenneth Branagh, which made that second Harry Potter movie like porn for me.

Uh...I just looked it up and Alan Rickman is seven years older than my father...