Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Working Progress

My absence has been due to a focus on kid's stuff lately. I submitted a story for PEN New England's Susan P. Bloom Discovery Award (more info. on PEN NE here). I've also been taking my illustrations and tweaking them for greeting cards and similar things.

I have started "Kate's Store" (crazy creative name, huh?) on zazzle (check it out) and surprisingly sales have been better than I thought they would be. Oddly enough, I haven't sold any of the greeting cards that were the original products, but I have sold 5 coffee mugs with card illustrations on them and someone ordered a business card design I did.

Some more short story stuff has popped back into my head of late. I think this is because I'm slowing down on the product creation for the zazzle store, and my submission to PEN NE is sent in. I keep coming back to my story about Bertie Wooster.

Of course, I also bought "Life With Jeeves" recently and it's quite the bee's knees, what? Perhaps the bee in my b. is only because of the tip top lit. It's a subconscious whatsit. Jeeves would know the word I mean.